Today the cutting of Pizza Dough Bases has become a science; "freehand cutting" has now become a thing of the past. At the price of your toppings, you as a R
restaurateur need to know the exact weight of each topping and how much to place on your different size Pizza’s & even more IMPORTANT, is to give your customers the size of Pizza's they are paying for.  The Gino range was designed in Pizza Restaurant's with the assistance of dedicated Rrestaurateurs, who realized the importance & need of the Gino-Dough-Dies.

          Standardizing the way Pizza Restaurateurs
                cut their Pizza Dough Bases to size.



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Smart Cutting of Pizza Dough Bases, Quick, Easy & Precise

New: Gino-Ash Diffuser

   (Tried & tested Pizza Dough Recipe to follow, for all our existing customers)


Our Products are tried & tested under harsh South African conditions in Hotels & Restaurants before we even consider production & marketing of our products.