Espetada SA Export established itself in the restaurant market when we saw the need for a high quality stainless steel Espetada stand.

Restaurants were serving Espetada on mild steel products. The stands were prone to rust, dysfunctional and – perched on the table like a crane – restricted intimate conversation.

Over the past 17 years Espetada SA Export has been improving their designs. We are now manufacturing a winner………………………the DOREEN MKVII Espetada Stand & the New Doreen MKVII Oven Caddy.

Our customers over the years have remained loyal. We can now offer them the latest in our cutting-edge technology…and thank them for their continued support over the years.

Our motto is to listen to the industry and incorporate the restaurateurs’ advice and needs into our designs. This has ensured our place as a leader in the manufacture of Espetada stands on both local and international markets