Ensure the following when making an Espetada stand purchase:

  • It is constructed out of high grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • It is stable on the table surface
  • It can hold a plate & not a bowl (bowls are for salads & soups)
  • It will not scratch the glass, wood or granite surfaces or tear the
    table cloths
  • It can be used in a dishwasher
  • It secures the plate from sliding or rocking off the stand and
    across the table
  • Customs friendly
  • It is aesthetically pleasing to the diner’s eye
  • It comes standard with a “fitted stainless steel butter dripper” on
    a “stainless steel skewer”.


Elements in nickel/galvanizing have trace elements of poison & should not be used in the manufacture of Espetada skewers let alone supplied to the restaurant industry & should not come into contact with meat, poultry, fish, vegetables or any other foods types.

Before purchasing your new Espetada stands make sure they meet the minimum standards of the Doreen MKVII Espetada Stand. The above advice comes from over 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing of Espetada stands. So…don’t be caught with a stand that sits in your storeroom, unused and dysfunctional.

By supporting “Espetada SA Export” you are helping to promote and maintain high standards in the manufacture of Espetada stands for the local South African market & Export, as well as among home users.