Espetada SA Export
(Established 1999)


"Doreen MKVII Vertical-Wall-Mount-Bracket-Set"


The New Doreen MKVII Vertical-Wall-Mount-Bracket-Set, holds 12x Doreen MKVII Espetada Stands, 12x Twin Converters & 15x Bumper-Rubbers

The New Doreen MKVII Wall-Mount-Bracket comes complete with the following: 1x 1.6mm SS Vertical Wall Mount Bracket, 1x 5mm Masonry Drill Bit, 3x 5mmx40mm fischer Wall Plugs & easy assembly instructions.
   (Space required per Set: Width: 360mm, Depth: 300mm, Height: 900mm)

               "Production to Commence November 2019"