Espetada SA Export
(Established 1999)


"Doreen MKVII Vertical-Wall-Mount-Bracket-Set"


The New Doreen MKVII Vertical-Wall-Mount-Bracket-Set, holds 12x Doreen MKVII Espetada Stands, 24x skewers, 12x Twin Converters & 15x Bumper-Rubbers

The New Doreen MKVII Wall-Mount-Bracket-Set comes complete with the following: 1x 1.6mm SS Vertical Wall Mount Bracket, 2x 1.6mm SS Horizontal Skewer Brackets, 1x 5mm Masonry Drill Bit, 3x 5mmx40mm fischer Wall Plugs, 1x 3mm Allen Key, 4x 5mmx12mm SS Machine Screws, 4x 5mm Nyloc Nuts SS, 8x 0.9mm SS Flat Washers & a set of easy assembly instructions.
   (Space required per Set: Width: 360mm, Depth: 300mm, Height: 900mm)

               "Production to Commence March 2019"