Eight “Main Course Servings” in 5-15min – Evenly Cooked, Controlled & Timed -Convection Ovens, Standard Ovens, Pizza Ovens & Webber Braai’s – Serve individually as an Espetada, Kebabs, Souvlaki, or on a platter for eight – “Time to turn heads” (Suggested that you spray the Caddy’s with “Spray & Cook” prior to use)

“Wow dishes turning heads”

(Now being used extensively in Sydney homes in “Ausie Hooded Barbies” )You to can serve “WOW DISHES” Turning heads using our products. Convection Ovens, Thermo fan Ovens, Standard Ovens, Pizza Ovens, Webber Braai’sCleaning of the caddy: It is suggested that you spray the entire Caddy/’s with “Spray & Cook” prior to us, this will make cleaning easier/ & for the dishwasher if used) Tests done on the Caddy to date show that cooking temperatures exceeding 220 degrees hamper the cleaning process) Updates on cooking temperatures to follow as they are released.