Neatly cut either Rump/Sirloin/Fillet into neatly cut cubes +-40-50grams
per cube. For the Ladies +-185grams & for the gentleman +-200-

Traditional Espetada can be prepared prior to order, but “should only
be spiced to order”. Once you have the cubes on the skewer, you
can lightly sprinkle the meat with olive oil, place some Rock/Coarse
salt (NOT ground salt), pepper & crushed bay-leaves over the meat,
then work-in by hand. When cooked be sure to tap the entire skewer
with meat on the grill to remove all excess Rock Salt/Course salt.
(Espetada tests done on the Doreen MKVII Oven Caddy were in an
oven @+-200º C for 8-10 min)

NB Although the “Traditional Portuguese Espetada Recipe & Cooking
Method” is a very old fashioned & out-dated recipe, one should know
that there are unlimited combinations of meat, spices, vegetables &
fruit one can use on your Doreen MKVII Espetada Stand: Chicken,
Beef, Lamb, Pork, Prawns, Calamari, certain Line-fish, Ostrich,
Venison, separated by, Onion, Red/Green Peppers, Dried Fruit,
Pineapple, Mushrooms & Spices & Marinades etc etc (The Traditional
Espetada Recipe is not advised for use in Restaurants as it is an
acquired traditional taste & there a far better recipes that one can use)

NB All meat, fish or chicken should allow to reach room temperature before the cooking process begins.