Contact: Raymond
Price: P.O.A
Shippers: FedEx

**NB** If you have not received a reply to your enquiry within 1-24 hours, then please check your
SPAM/JUNK mail filters.

IMPORTANT: In order for us to assist you with an accurate quotation, it is essential that you furnish us with the following information as listed below, as all shipments are linked to quantity, weight & destination. FedEx can only generate a shipping quotation if they have all the relevant information, e-mail us on: for your quotation.

1. Your full Name & Name of Company
2. Your full delivery address & Zip Code/Postal code
3. Closest International Airport
4. Your Country, City, Town
5. A Contact Number
6. Qty of Espetada Stands local SA Market (Min. order 6x Units)
7. Qty of Espetada Stands Export Market (Min. order 12x Units)
8. Espetada SA Export will forward you a quotation within
1-24 hours, between Monday to Friday.
9. International quotations exclude ALL Taxes, Levies, Duties & Insurance.
10. International quotations only valid for 24 hours.
11. Without all the above information forwarded to us, FedEx will not be
able to assist us with a shipping quotation.

PS In order to protect our Espetada stands from being trampled on and damaged when on the floor in the grill area or scatted all over your kitchen, we strongly recommend that you request a quotation for one of our “Wall Mount Brackets” when requesting a quotation for our Espetada Stands.

NB ALL Orders go out: Door to Door via FedEx
SHIPPING: Ex-Works/Parkmore/Sandton/South Africa