Shipping Method I:
Shipping Method II:
Telegraphic Transfers (Int):
EFT’s (Local):
Delivery (Export):
Delivery (Local):

Door to Door (Int. Priority) 1-49Kg’s
Door to Terminal (Air Freight) 50Kg’s+
+-3 to 4 Working days
+-1 to 2 Working days
+-7 to 15 Working days
+-2 to 3 Working days

Minimum of 6x units per order (Local SA market) & Minimum of 12x units
per order for the Export Market due to the Volumetric Weight of the
shipment. All quotations valid for 24 hours. Customers are please to
note that orders will not be processed until such time that ALL TT’s or
EFT’s have been cleared. All quotation are in South African Rand (ZAR)

INCO-TERMS: Ex-Works/Parkmore/Sandton/South Africa & exclude
ALL shipping costs, insurance of goods, taxes, duties, quarantine
charges, storage & any unforeseen expenses incurred by customs or
handling at destination.

EORI number is similar to an importer’s number, and must be supplied
by the consignee (receiver) in the European Union. It is needed for any
imports into the European union with commercial character. Samples
cannot be sent to a private person. The Number is necessary to identify
a business or person, and it is given by the customs authority in the
consignee’s (receiver’s) country. This number is unique to the European
Community and shows a business/person is valid within the entire

NB: Customers Importing from the European Union must obtain an
EORI NUMBER first: EORI Application Forms: Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI): Application contact form
Validation Checker: EORI validation checker